Moon days are not magic, apparently

I was a little disappointed to find out, via the Confluence Countdown, that we take moon days more out of a commitment to consonance with Guruji’s routine at the Mysore sanskrit college than out of genuine deference to the force of the universe, making you over-strong on the full moon and sluggish on the new moon. It was less that I was disappointed with the news than that I was stunned at how many sensations that meant I was imagining in my head on full and new moon days! Never mind those.

Whatever the reason, observing moon days feels like a lovely indulgence, which is almost always welcome. 

Astrologically, this new moon is meant to be quite powerful. Susan Miller at AstrologyZone, who I feel is one of my close personal internet friends, is calling it Monster Moon. So ominous for what is really just an excuse for a lie-in …


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