On failing to keep yoga to myself, or, what is a yoga community?



The reason why I wanted to start writing,about yoga specifically, is that I find that I have no one to talk to about it, and I really want to talk about it. Hence this blog.

There is something magical about a Mysore room, where you end up on such familiar terms in your head with people whose names you maynot even know, but there is a distinct lack of chatter. I have come to value that sort of no-need-to-speak companionability. 

But. I am a PhD student and have a more discursive style of apprehending the world! I need to discuss. Not necessary even to give what it is I need to do such a serious name. I need to talk. And I find that a lot of the time what I want to talk about is yoga.

I generally go to the shala to practice, that is, when not recovering from my several days of relaxation, and the faces there are familiar and comforting. Since we’re a small university community, those familiarfaces often appear in other venues, and it’s always a welcome chance to get acquainted with people in their fully-dressed and groomed manifestations. Seeing them around, both at the morning practice and outside the shala, reminds me that I am part of something.

But I also think that I am part of another community of yogis, a larger community of yogis, or maybe more specifically ashtangis, that is in an ongoing talk about what it means to structure your life around practicing six days a week and rising before 6 am and seriously working on getting your ego under control. Until now, I have been in a conversation with that community mostly in myhead, and I feel like it’s time to commit to having some of my own thoughts. 

The image at the beginning is the symbol of Mercury, planet of everyday expression and communication – precisely what I am after, or in need of. I borrowed it from cafeastrology.com .






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